Social Skills

Social skills impact every part of a child’s world, and for most children, social skills seem innate. However, for some children, social skills do not come naturally. Although they may want friends, they don’t know how to interact with them or manage the friendships. Acquiring the social rules and skills necessary for success in a social world is challenging for many children. Social skills are best taught to children in a supportive environment where they can practise new skills and strategies, before generalising these new skills to real life situations.

Resilient Kids offers individualised and group programs to help children develop targeted strategies to meet their social skill deficits. Programs involve addressing both communication skills and emotional management skills. Communication skills involve learning to develop conversational skills, cooperative play skills and manage friendships. Emotion management skills are important for developing self-regulation of emotions, empathy and strategies for conflict management.

If you would like to discuss the group or individual social skills programs further, please give Resilient Kids a call on (07) 3902 1973.