A child’s self-esteem and self-concept are inextricably linked. Self-concept refers to the child’s understanding of him/herself. The value that he or she places on that self-concept is called self-esteem. Children benefit from opportunities to explore, accept and value their strengths and weaknesses. This promotes a feeling of increased confidence about themselves. Some signs of low self-esteem in children can include the following:

  • Being highly dependent or clingy with parents and not keen to explore the limits of his/her world in an age-appropriate manner. This extreme shyness does not wear off once the child has “warmed up” in social situations.
  • Reluctance to try something new or meet new people;
  • Perfectionistic tendencies and a leaning towards “overdoing” things;
  • Pessimistic outlook, often making negative statements about him/herself and others and tending to blame others rather than taking responsibility for his/her own actions;

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