School Issues

Children don’t just learn in the classroom. Many equally important “life” skills are adopted and refined in the playground in the social world of peers and other children. Out of these enriched learning opportunities, children learn a lot about others and often more about themselves. In an ideal world, this is a positive experience for children filled with meeting challenges about who they are and who they will become. Sometimes however, these challenging opportunities do not come to fruition and setbacks can erode the confidence and direction of the most determined child. School issues encompass an enormous array of challenges that children at all levels and ages encounter. The following is a list of typically challenging issues faced by most children at school:

  • Transitioning to school or new levels of schooling;
  • Anxiety and fears;
  • Learning and organisational problems;
  • Social world issues, such as peer pressure, loneliness and fighting;
  • Communication issues;

When children have difficulty resolving school issues independently and they seem unable to move forward, this is often a time when help is sought.

Resilient Kids have a variety of individualised and group programs designed to provide children with the skills and strategies needed to deal with these challenges at school. Give Resilient Kids a call on (07) 3902 1973 to discuss how one of these programs may be able to help your child.