Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

Individual differences mean that children learn in a variety of different ways and vary with the speed and accuracy with which they take in, remember, understand and express information. Problems encountered in learning can range from the simple to profound, depending on the disruption to achievement and daily life skills. The most common types of difficulties in learning occur in the areas of reading and spelling, but other areas of functioning can also be affected, such as expressive language and mathematics. Some children experience learning difficulties in more than one of these areas.

Educational Psychologists can help in the identification and assessment of specific areas of learning difficulties and disabilities. Treatment involves the identification of the child’s individual skills and strengths and the development of strategies to compensate for those areas of difficulty. The child can also be helped by learning strategies for the development of their self-esteem and resilience, as these children may also experience emotional difficulties as a result.  Treatment options usually involved a team-based approach with input also from speech therapists and special educators.

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