Assertiveness Training

Teaching children how to resolve issues peacefully with other people begins with an understanding of their own feelings and thoughts. Often, depending on the age of the child, the understanding of feelings is limited and confusing with labels often restricted to “good” and “bad” feelings. Helping children to explore their own feelings and develop more assertive and positive ways to express their feelings and needs, leads to empowerment and an increased sense of confidence in dealing with these situations. Teaching children to brainstorm and problem solve teaches children that problems with others are not insurmountable.

When strategies for peaceful resolution of issues fall short, and assertiveness enters the realms of self-protection, children need to have the strategies to defend and protect themselves. Dealing assertively with other children requires practise and specific self-protective strategies in order for the child to feel confident and competent in using these tactics appropriately in the playground or wherever the need arises.

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