Anxiety and Phobias

We all feel worried from time to time. Anxiety is a normal feeling that we all experience in response to stress or danger. Anxiety can actually be good for us in small doses. In fact “a little” anxiety can help us to focus better when learning and also become more vigilant in times of stress.

High levels of anxiety, however, are not helpful. Children may well “grow out of” this, but increasingly the research shows us that highly anxious children who do not receive intervention, can experience far-reaching consequences in terms of their mental health (Schaefer, 2009).

Resilient Kids has individualised and group programs for the identification and treatment of anxiety in children. Using age-appropriate resources and evidence-based practices, children are:

  1. Taught how to identify the physical signs of anxiety in their bodies.
  2. Trained in how to manage the physical response of anxiety.
  3. Educated in how to change underlying thoughts and beliefs that contribute to the feelings of anxiety.
  4. Provided with graduated and supported exposure to fearful situations.
  5. Given follow-up monitoring to ensure the continued application of the new skills.

Call Resilient Kids on (07) 3902 1973 to make an appointment to discuss how one of these programs may help your anxious child.