Sam never finishes his schoolwork and is constantly told off by his teachers for not paying attention, not sitting still, not staying on task and distracting other children around him with his behaviour. Sam wants to do better, but no matter how hard he tries to pay attention, he never seems to get it right.

The typical characteristics of a child with ADHD involve two kinds of symptoms. The first of these are inattention symptoms, which are associated with attention, short-term memory and learning. Secondly there are hyperactivity symptoms, which are associated with impulsivity and overactivity. Most ADHD children display characteristics of both.

How can a Psychologist help?

The Psychologist’s role in helping a child with suspected ADHD involves both assessment and treatment functions. Diagnosis is usually made by a Child Psychiatrist or a Paediatrician, in conjunction with input from the Psychologist. Psychologists can help by providing parents and often teaching staff with the necessary skills and strategies to manage the child’s behaviour and learning more effectively. Individualised programs for children and families focus on developing the following areas:

  • educating them about the behaviour
  • providing expectations about acceptable behaviour
  • assisting the child to achieve insight and self-regulation
  • providing skills training to improve concentration and decrease impulsivity

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